How to Achieve a Harmonious Blend of Natural and Artificial Light Using Canon R5

It is one of the most crucial abilities that a portrait photographer may have to know how to mix flash and ambient light. This will provide you with the maximum amount of creative and technical adaptability that is required to face just about any circumstance.

Check out this wonderful video lesson if you are unsure how to do this task. It will walk you through the four stages required to create a shot that is captivating and balanced by utilizing both flash and ambient light.

This fantastic video instruction comes to us courtesy of our good buddy Pye Jirsa, who works with Adorama TV. In it, you’ll learn how to strike a balance between using flash and natural light. This is a very valuable talent since it enables you to make photographs such as the traditional portrait taken before sunset.

To take this photograph, you must expose the sky in order to prevent the highlights from being blown out, which will, however, cast your subjects into shadow. The exposure on your subject may be brought back to where it should be by using a little flash, which will also offer you the greatest possible image quality. Watch the video up top to get an explanation from Jirsa that covers everything.

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