Advice for Young Budding Photographers

Are you a young, aspiring photographer trying to find your way in a confusing world with many options? An accomplished photographer critiques a variety of photographs in this beautiful video instruction, providing some insightful suggestions along the way.

This instructive video, The Art of Photography by Ted Forbes, offers several assessments of photographers’ photographs and helpful guidance for aspiring photographers. Staying loyal to oneself would be my advice for a young creator.

You will probably find hundreds or even thousands of incredibly identical photos if you go to Instagram or a comparable platform and search for a popular hashtag. Although it can be tempting to copy those photos since they are currently in style, it is rarely (if ever) as rewarding as creating your unique look.

And suppose you pursue this as a career. In that case, you’ll be competing with many other similarly talented creatives and continuously following the newest trend rather than establishing a distinctive style that helps set your work apart. For the complete Forbes overview, watch the video above.

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