Can I Use Two SD Cards In Canon R5?

The Canon R5 is a professional-level mirrorless camera that offers photographers and videographers a wide range of features. One of the critical features of the Canon R5 is its dual memory card slots, which allow users to store their images and video on two SD cards simultaneously.

This article will explore the advantages of using two SD cards in the Canon R5 and how to use the dual card slots effectively.

Dual Card Slots

The Canon R5 features two memory card slots supporting UHS-II SD cards. This allows users to store their images and videos on two separate cards, providing protection and redundancy.

Advantages of Dual Card Slots

There are several advantages to using dual card slots in the Canon R5. The most obvious benefit is the added security of having a backup of your images and videos.

If one card fails or becomes corrupted, you still have a backup of your files on the other card. This is particularly important for professional photographers who cannot afford to lose their work due to memory card failure.

Another advantage of using two SD cards in the Canon R5 is extending your shooting time. Using two cards allows you to shoot for prolonged periods without stopping and swapping out memory cards. This can be particularly useful for videographers who need to shoot for extended periods without interruption.

Using the Dual Card Slots

The Canon R5 has several options for using dual card slots. For example, you can store your images and videos on both cards simultaneously, or you can set the camera to use one card as the primary storage location and the other as a backup.

To access the dual card slot options, go to the camera’s menu and select the “Recording Card” option. You can choose the recording mode that best fits your needs. The options include:

Auto Switch

This mode automatically switches to the second card when the first card becomes full.

Record Separately

This mode allows you to record different file types for each card. For example, you can record images on one card and videos on the other.
Record to Multiple:

This mode records the same file to both cards simultaneously.


This mode allows you to sort your images and videos by date, folder, or file type.

It is important to note that using both card slots simultaneously will reduce the camera’s write speed, so it may not be the best option for high-speed shooting. However, for most shooting situations, using both cards is an excellent way to protect your images and videos.


The dual SD card slots on the Canon R5 provide added security and flexibility for photographers and videographers. Using two cards simultaneously ensures that your images and videos are protected in case of a memory card failure, and you can shoot for more extended periods without interruption.

With the ability to record to both cards simultaneously, different file types to each card, or set one as a backup, the Canon R5 is a versatile camera that meets the needs of various shooting situations.

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