The Canon EOS R5 instruction manual explains how to switch between capturing still images and films

It must be as simple as turning a knob, right? At the very least, this is all that is often required in order to go from taking still images to recording video on the vast majority of DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras. On the other hand, the Canon EOS R adds an additional layer of complication to the equation.

Does it make sense? It’s possible that it does, but unless you know the procedure of switching from one mode to another, it can be a total mystery. I’m sure it happens to at least one person.

There is, of course, a way to get around this quickly. Simply pressing the red button will cause the Canon EOS R to begin recording the video. But how exactly do you go about altering the visual mode, resolution, or framerate?

How to change the Canon EOS R’s shooting mode from stills to videos

  • Simply depress the mode button (it has Mode written on it)
  • When you push the ‘Info’ button, you’ll see the icons shown on the topmost, smaller LCD.
  • Make your selection by turning the control dial to Video.
  • To make your selection, press the Q (Set) button.
  • You will now be shown all of the options for the video mode rather than the stills mode whenever you open the menu system.

One of the automatic video modes will be selected for you to use by default. You can exit this screen by pressing the Mode button, at which point the LCD will display all of the available alternatives. After that, you may pick the mode that you wish to utilize by turning the control dial.

If you choose M as your mode, the Canon EOS R will provide you with total control over all of its video settings. After that, you may make adjustments to the shutter speed and aperture using the top and back dials, exactly as you do when taking still photographs.

Adjusting the level of sensitivity using the back touch bar is a useful extra feature that may be configured.

To return to stills mode, just press the mode button, followed by the info button, then choose the stills mode you wish to use.

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