Excellent Tips for New Landscape Photographers Using the Canon R5

As a result of the popularity and longevity of the field of landscape photography, there are specific methods that are considered standard and pieces of advice that are offered to beginning photographers. And while a lot of it is helpful, some of it can box you into styles or practices that are actually harmful to both your growth as a photographer and the photographs you create.

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In this helpful video instruction, a seasoned landscape photographer debunks some conventional wisdom and demonstrates why you might be better off going another route.
This fantastic video tutorial was created for you by Mike Smith, and it highlights the reasons why telephoto lenses are such an underestimated tool for landscape photography. To put it simply, I couldn’t agree with Smith more.

There is absolutely no problem with using wide-angle lenses; after all, there is a good reason why so much landscape photography is done with these types of lenses. However, in a genre in which it is not possible to take distracting things out of the frame, they can be very challenging to work with and may not always provide you with the greatest image of a scene.

The use of a telephoto lens, which enables you to readily simplify complex scenes, is the solution to this problem. You can get the entire scoop from Smith in the video that’s been embedded above.

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