How do you get good compositions for your landscape photographs? and Take Their Pictures With Your Canon R5

Composition is maybe the most challenging component of landscape photography overall. Not only do you not have any influence over the positioning of the components within the frame, but in contrast to more quantitative characteristics like shutter speed or aperture, the composition is more difficult to codify and requires more time to comprehend on a profound and subtle level.

So how exactly do you go about finding a nice composition when you’re in a new place? Within this informative video instruction, an accomplished landscape photographer describes the workflow that he uses.

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This wonderful video tutorial is brought to you by Mike Smith, and it will demonstrate how he goes about locating interesting landscape compositions when he travels to a new place. Composition is something that none of us are really good at. One of the most helpful things I’ve ever done to better my abilities at it was to just slow down and spend more time in a spot, thoroughly reading it and playing with other possibilities. This has been one of the finest things I’ve ever done.

Despite the fact that we are frequently in a rush to obtain the most number of photos possible, this can occasionally work against us and prevent us from producing the work that is both our finest and most subtle. You can get the complete overview from Smith in the video that is located above.

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