How to Always Get Perfectly Sharp Photos With Canon R5: Where to Focus

No matter how beautiful your composition is or how vibrant your colors may be, if your photograph is not sharply focused, you should probably throw it away. Learn how to maintain laser-like focus for consistently sharp pictures.
Many years ago, during a beautiful period in a long-forgotten era, photographers were required to perform all of the focusing themselves.

It may sound quaint, but the cameras and lenses used in the past weren’t as technologically advanced to be able to focus on a subject with astonishing regularity and accuracy with just a slight half-press of a button.

However, as gear research and development have advanced, so have the autofocus systems. It is a time in history when it has never been so simple to capture images with exquisitely focused subjects and a staggeringly high hit rate. It’s not perfect though.

And that leads us to this fantastic video by Henry Turner, in which he shows you how to focus your photos incredibly sharply. Turner is a landscape photographer, so it should be noted that this is his point of view, however in this video he highlights two essential topics: how to focus and where to focus.

Sometimes, deciding where to concentrate is quite easy if there is a very evident subject that dominates every other aspect in the frame. However, your alternatives get a little more difficult if your image has a lot of depth and fascinating components in the foreground, middle, and background. Please watch the video and comment on how Turner addresses this.

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